Presentation of Donorei

in Finnish

(c) Reetta Minkkinen


My name is Nina Rimpinen. I am 28 years old gardener. I live with my daughter Henna in Finland in a quite small city called Pori . My family has also tree Japanese Spitzes, female Nori (Tamilan Ice Angel) and males Huge (Lumivyöryn Hakaku Hansamu) and Lelu (Donorei Lempeng Mas.

 I bought my first Japanese Spitz, female Dolly in 1997. Dolly is a very small but  beautiful dog. My second JS female Int Fin S Lv Ch Tamilan Ice Angel “Nori” (right in picture) came to me in 2000. I was her co-owner. Mia Hautala from kennel Tamilan owned her until spring 2003. Nori is extremely beautiful and has much temperament. I think that Nori is an ideal JS female.

In year 2001 I got two newcomers, male Fin Ch Donorei Akiri Amiri “Onni” from my first litter and female Fin N Ch JWW02 AJW02 BaltW02 Jasam’s Take oh Misch-Ja D’Showman “Fitzy” (left in picture) was imported from Norway and I was her co-owner until February 2005. Onni is a very handsome and he is my first bred Finnish Beauty Champion. Piritta Koivisto has owned him from the spring 2004. “Fitzy” was owned by Kirsi Vähätalo from kennel Noblewhite and I was her co-owner until February 2005. Fitzy is a very lovely lady with the excellent temperament.

My second litter was born in 2002. LtuW08 Donorei Baya Naba “Milla” is from that litter. Milla’s co-owner was Päivi Kaltiainen, but now she is totally owned by Päivi. Milla is a beautiful lady and she is also a very ideal JS female. In 2004 two litters were born. From these litters I owned male Donorei Cabal Chaval “Nalle” with Sirkka Tuomela and female Int Fin S Est Ch FinJW05 Donorei Delizia “Namu” was co-owned by Maarit Joutulainen. Both are now totally owned by Sirkka and Maarit.

Also in 2005 two litters were born. My purpose was to leave one male from this E-litter at home, but Donorei Ekinni “Hippu” died at the age of two weeks. From F-litter I got that special JS I had dreamt of. This male named Int Fin Est Ch FinJW06 EstW07 EstW08 Donorei Fryon “Otto” has got 20 Fin CAC before he even was two years old. Otto is, as his other owner have said, “perfect from every side”. Unfortunately Otto's pigmentation in his nose is not very well any more, but however he is perfect in our opinion. Otto is in community ownership and lives with Mirja Viljanen, Kennel Sakura Zensen. This same year I was also very lucky when I got other perfect male from Reetta Minkkinen, Kennel Lumivyöryn. Int Fin Balt Est Ltu Lv Ch Dk Ch Balt Est Ltu Lv JCh BaltW07 LvW08 Lumivyöryn Hakaku Hansamu "Huge" was came to me by co-ownership.

Latest  newcomers are Donorei Gadaora “Siru” and Donorei Izzia “Lumi” in fall 2006. Siru was co-owned by Eini Saaranen and Lumi by Tuija Kiviaura and both are now totally owned by Eini and Tuija. In same fall 2006 was also born BaltJW07 LtuJW08 LvW08 Donorei Hrelize "Peppi". Peppi is co-owned by Marianne Multanen. We will see in the future, what kind  that little girl will be.

In spring 2007 I got two newcomers, male Lumivyöryn Lingote de Ouro “Pyry”, who is co-owned by Maria Hagner. And Irish import Crystalclear Eastern Promise “Hippi”, who is in community ownership with Reetta Minkkinen, Kennel Lumivyöryn, and lives with Anita Minkkinen.

Last fall 2008 I went to Ireland with Reetta and we imported female Crystalclear Moondancer "Cilla" from there. Cilla is living in co-home with Marika Nieminen and family. From my latest litter I left one female for breeding and Donorei Luwes Putih "Viivi" is co-owned by Elina and Jani Winchel. From same litter I have also males Donorei Letusan Bahaya "Oliver" (co-owner Toni Lind) and Donorei Lempeng Mas "Lelu" who is living at home with us.

 I got my kennelname Donorei in November 2000. My first litter after Dolly was born in January 2001. I have bred twelve litters until now.